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                                                                                             My work is very much based on increasing awareness, celebration,                                                                                                 and appreciation of the arts in the community. The work I create                                                                                                       captures and celebrates the natural landscape and social issues in a                                                                                                   way that can be used as an attraction for tourism, as well as creating                                                                                                 public murals that will engage the local community. I achieve this by                                                                                               capturing the beauty, emotional response and culture that makes it so                                                                                               unique. The people that live within a community are what creates a                                                                                                 community and showing love, diversity and acceptance is important.                                                                                               With my work I touch on subjects that relate specifically to that                                                                                                       location and their needs while being respectful and encouraging.

                                                                                             My Focus started in oil painting, creating paintings of the natural                                                                                                     landscape. My work constantly allows me to explore new places                                                                                                     while documenting them in paint. All photographed by myself and then painted with a hyperrealist approach, using a light application of paints and vivid colors, to relive moments and share my memories. Being in the hyperrealism genre, I try to capture the true essence of a place, the emotion it gives, its importance to the community and her experience within it.  In the last few years my attention has been drawn to community murals. Volunteering and working in the community have always been a passion of mine, now taking my skill in fine arts to bring myself and students (as a high school art teacher) into the community with art related initiatives. Executing these murals has given myself and the community a sense of acceptance, love, and unity. I'm inspired that something as simple as painting a mural, would have such an effect positively on a group of people. The meaning behind the murals is truly shown in the people who express so much joy and support during the creation. I believe there are many different lenses to view the world through. The aim in my work is creating a lens that captures the inner beauty of a location and moment in time.

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