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"When Francine lead our group through a paint night, we were all highly impressed. Francine’s positive energy and patience made the evening both fun and relaxed for everyone. Francine broke down the painting into easy to manage steps and moved at a pace that felt neither too rushed nor too slow. One of the best parts of Francine’s paint night is that she encouraged us to be creative with our pieces. Compared to other paint nights I have attended in which participants all produce identical paintings, Francine encouraged us to use our own creative ideas to tailor the picture to our own taste, from different background colours to different birds, each of us walked away with a painting unique in our own way. We would like to thank you Francine for helping us have such a lovely night."

                         -Christine S.

                       University of Toronto OISE

"ALL participants had a fun evening and, under Francine’s expert, patient and humorous guidance, produced

their own individual ‘masterpiece’. We will book a ‘Painting Night With Francine’ again next year!"       

                         -Marg S. 

                       Christ Church NOWW

"Francine thank you for bringing out our inner artistic selves, that many of us didn't know we had! It was a fantastic evening  with the ladies celebrating the bride to be with a paint night with you as our teacher. You

gave our evening an extra touch and made it so fun! Thank you for your patience, individual help you gave

all of us and gracing us with your blessed talent."     

                        -Nadine H.


"Francine! I just wanted to say thank you for making my sister’s bachelorette so enjoyable. You’re such an amazing teacher, you’re patient, easy going, and such a treat to learn from. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

                        -Julianna A.

                      MOH, Bachelorette

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